After Spending 550 Days In The Shelter, A Rescued Dog’s Profound Gratitude Expressed in a Hug. 8u

Meet Mr. Snufflufugus, a five-year-old male who recently found himself abandoned and left to fend for himself on the streets of Texas.

Terrified and desperate, he roamed the streets of Copperas Cove, Texas, hoping for someone to come to his rescue.

dog and woman hugging each other

Thankfully, local animal control was alerted to his plight, and they were able to locate and bring him to the Copperas Cove Animal Control shelter.

Upon arriving at the shelter, this adorable pup showed his gratitude by immediately showering his new friends with hugs, melting the hearts of everyone lucky enough to witness the heartwarming moment.

One observant staff member captured this touching scene in a viral photograph that garnered widespread attention and support for Mr. Snufflufugus’s adoption.

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Tamara Hall, the animal control supervisor, shared, “Victoria and I were in the play area with Mr. Snufflufugus when he decided he needed a hug.” They soon discovered that Mr. Snufflufugus was a true snuggle bug who enjoyed being close to humans, quickly winning over the shelter staff.

Hall continued, “If you are sitting on the floor or ground, he is sure to seek your attention by climbing into your lap or snuggling up next to you. He uses his irresistible sweet eyes while looking up for attention.”

In addition to being a great hugger, Mr. Snufflufugus is friendly and loves to relax. Victoria, one of the shelter’s staff members, shared on Facebook, “He would rather sit on the couch and be a potato, a good potato who gets many head scratches and gets to sit on your chest and snore, and is told quite often what a good boy he is.”

dog cuddling with a woman outdoors

After the Copperas Cove Police Department posted Mr. Snufflufugus’s heartwarming photo, he became famous, leading to a flood of adoption applications. However, it was determined that he needed a single-pet home without small children, as he could become possessive of his owner.

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Due to the shelter’s limited resources, Mr. Snufflufugus was transported to Pit Squad Rescue in Minnesota. There, they will carefully interview potential adopters to find them the perfect forever home. He also needs treatment for heartworm, which comes with a significant vet bill, but the rescue is dedicated to giving him a second chance.

woman and dog hugging each other in the garden

Mr. Snufflufugus has already captured the hearts of his foster family, and they are equally smitten with him. PupVine and everyone involved sincerely hope he finds a loving forever family that will provide him with hugs and love every day, as he truly deserves.


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